Goose Creek, SC

Completion: 2013

Size: 5,300 sf

When land is cleared for a new neighborhood, there is often little history or context remaining to tell the story of what came before it to give residents an immediate feeling of lasting 'community.' In the case of Carnes Crossroads - an evolving master planned community complete with traditional neighborhoods and parks, a school and church, offices, restaurants and more - the developers saw an old pole barn on the property as an opportunity to celebrate the site's history and rural tradition.

The handsome utilitarian structure, built in 1929 to support a nearby horse-racing track, had a presence but no modern day function. The barn was moved a half mile to a prominent location at the entrance of the neighborhood, and renovated to become a multi-purpose, open-air pavilion to serve as the neighborhood gathering space. A major goal in the renovation was to maintain as much of the original structure and character of the barn as possible, while making it safe and functional for its new purpose.

Today, the 'Green Barn' has been transformed into the heart of a new neighborhood, serving as a venue for a variety of functions including farmers' markets, yoga classes and weddings. Its new location creates a statement that this community, although new, embraces its deep roots. What had once been just the old bones of a barn has turned into the backbone of this community.