Goose Creek, SC

Completion: 2016

Size: Renovation, 18,920 sf; Addition, 17,140 sf

When the curriculum of Marrington Middle School, built in the early 1970's, changed from traditional to a magnet school of the arts, the existing choral and band rooms were inadequate for the now thriving music program. The sole art room was crowded, and the dance space was a subdivided area that was originally an industrial arts lab.

To stay within budget, the renovation repurposed as much of the existing space as possible to better suit the various arts programs. Existing ceilings were removed, and clouds and velour drapes were added where needed to manage proper acoustics, resulting in very functional, high performance spaces. A 400-seat auditorium was added, along with some additional classroom spaces. The lobby's glass front and natural lighting allows the public to be drawn to the space, and wall graphics feature the school's programs. The modern design reflects the creativity that occurs within the school.