North Charleston, SC

Completion: 2015

Size: 91,000 sf, 22 structures

The City of North Charleston was in need of a new Public Works complex to consolidate existing facilities and increase efficiency. To overcome the intense programming challenge, SMHa worked with department heads to fully understand the nuances of space needs and adjacencies needed among departments, and developed a layout that enhanced productivity and optimized workflow and collaboration. The new design includes separate structures for each department, as well as a city garage and fueling station.

As a Critical Needs Facility, the complex is designed to serve as an Emergency Operations Center in the event of a natural disaster.

A major design goal was to achieve a consistent architectural aesthetic for the entire complex that speaks to the utilitarian mission of Public Works while contributing to the civic pride of North Charleston. Insulated precast concrete is used on the majority of the buildings for durability, increased speed of construction, and energy efficiency.