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The Citadel
Charleston, SC

The Citadel's Byrd Hall

In 2016, as part of a campus-wide effort to expand its curriculum offerings, The Citadel renovated an existing 3,000-square-foot 4 hood chemistry lab to a 16 hood lab specializing in organic chemistry. SMHa worked with the school to organize the space in such a way that two smaller classes could be conducted simultaneously or opened up for one large class; to maintain teacher/student visibility for safety; and to accommodate the use of natural daylighting. New durable finish products were used to prohibit staining caused by damaging chemicals. The scope also included roof work and ceiling replacement. This project was completed during the summer months to enable fall enrollment. Considerable coordination occurred with the campus’s cabinetry and hood vendor to ensure that the design was correct prior to awarding of the bid in order to ease fabrication lead time. The opening of this lab coincided with the introduction of The Citadel’s nursing program.

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