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Charleston, SC

Constructed in 1817, this National Historic Landmark has been through numerous renovations due to wars, earthquakes, and hurricanes. One of SMHa's first projects was renovations to the church after extensive damage from Hurricane Hugo in 1989, which included the steeple, roof, organ, and decorative finishes. Completed in 1991, SMHa worked closely with congregation representatives, City of Charleston staff, and craftsmen to bring this historic building back to its beloved grandeur.

St Johns Lutheran Charleston

In 1996, St. John's Lutheran Church again hired SMHa to assist with renovations to their 1950 Parish Hall. The pre-design services began with evaluating the future needs of the church through workshops with members of the congregation. Since the urban site had no opportunity for future buildings, the existing building was renovated to satisfy the needs of the church, including educational, fellowship, music, and administrative spaces. Also included was the renovation of the historic fabric of the interior, requiring coordination amongst a variety specialized craftsmen.

St. Johns Lutheran Historic Renovations
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