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Charleston, SC


Designed to accommodate more than 1,000 employees, this 232,000-square-foot office building is home to the leading provider of administrative software and services to philanthropic organizations. Completed in 2001, the four-story corporate headquarters houses three levels of open plan work spaces, executive offices, large and small conference rooms, kitchen/break-rooms, teaching labs, and a computer center.

The company’s main reception area, “Blackbaud University” classrooms, a 350-seat cafeteria-style dining facility, and an employee fitness center occupy the ground floor. The building’s atrium, featuring a water fountain, linear pond and tree-lined boulevards, serves as a meeting breakout space and informal conversation area. Workspaces above feature floor-to-ceiling windows, maximizing the view into the atrium and allowing for additional natural light from the central skylight.

Henry J. Smith Architects provided space planning and interior design support.

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