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Goose Creek, SC

Carnes Crossroads Barn and Pool
Carnes Barn Before Renovation

Completed in 2013, the central goal was to give this 5,300-square-foot 1920s barn new life and accommodate a variety of modern uses as part of the amenity center at the Carnes Crossroads community while respecting the character and charm of the simple agrarian building.

The siding was removed along three bays on the long sides of the barn to reveal the existing structure and promote the flow of people gathering in and around the barn and adjacent amenity and pool area, also designed by SMHa. 

Carnes Barn

To increase volume of the interior space, the existing hayloft was removed and replaced with subtle steel tie rods that balance structural integrity with the desired open feel. Other improvements included replacing the 5-v crimp metal roof, refurbishing the existing roof top ventilators, rebuilding the existing barn doors, and replacing the wood siding, complete with a fresh coat of green paint that has long distinguished the barn as a community icon. 

AIA South Carolina

Adaptive Reuse/Renovation Award, 2016

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