Charleston ENT West Ashley


West Ashley, SC

As a physician, I have little understanding of construction or design, and I have little time to dedicate toward learning the process. SMHa has held my hand and walked our organization through multiple construction projects. Their real skill is listening. They take simple comments and create a design that is practical and completely customized. Their patience in helping us make decisions has been amazing.

- Dr. Gene Brown -


Completed in 2011, this 26,000-square-foot flagship location for Charleston ENT’s many branches is a completely customized design that meets the Client’s goal for an excellent patient experience. “Main Street,” a centralized waiting area for all patients, encourages patient way-finding and facilitates communication among five inter-related, yet specialized, medical services. In each specialty area, spaces are designed to provide both public and private areas in order to respect the comfort level of the patient. 

SMHa has completed nine Charleston ENT locations, including specialty clinics, renovation to their surgery center in West Ashley, and interior upfits. Currently, SMHa is working with Charleston ENT on five new locations, currently in design.

City of Charleston

Design Excellence for Buildings Outside Historic District, 2013