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Mount Pleasant, SC

MPPC Sanctuary.png

Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church, dating back to the mid-1800s, is located in the historic Old Village neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, originally settled in the early 1800s. The growing congregation acknowledged the need for additional facilities as well as their sense of pride with their historic Sanctuary.

Completed in 1999, the 14,390-square-foot addition and 17,190-square-foot renovation included a new Fellowship Hall with a commercial kitchen, choir practice rooms, administrative offices, and classrooms. The major design challenges proved to be arranging the new and old buildings on the site to sustain the character, scale, and proportion of the Old Village; massing and detailing the new buildings to connect with existing architecture while maintaining their own identity; and modifying the interior of the Sanctuary without compromising the historic elements. The resulting design continued the Church’s personality into the new buildings, bringing a similar aesthetic while providing new functions and spaces.

Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Pre-School

Completed in 2005, the final phase of the Master Plan, the 16,420-square-foot Education Building, bridges the gap between the Church’s residential neighbors and its more commercial function. The building is massed to minimize its size and uses residential materials and detailing. The major design challenge was to incorporate a three-story building in the scale of the historic neighborhood. Classroom space accommodates toddlers through young adults, and during the week, the building is used for the Church’s Learning Center and Mother’s Morning Out program. Classrooms were designed for maximum flexibility with operable walls to accommodate varying class sizes.

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