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Summerville, SC

Nexton Greeting House

Completed in 2017, the Greeting House serves as the terminus and centerpiece of a linear neighborhood park for the new-urbanist neighborhood Brighton Park, located within Nexton, a master-planned community. Its original intention was to be the sales center for the residential neighborhood; afterward, it was transformed into a community center and gathering place. Its design is uncharacteristically contemporary for similar developments in the Charleston area, exemplifying the intent for residential home builders to respond in-kind and offer homes that are contemporary and exhibit crisp architectural detailing.

Situated at the southern end of the grand lawn – a neighborhood public park characterized by a pond and a mixture of passive and active open spaces – this 3,200-square-foot building is simple in its massing and concept. Within, the multi-purpose "greeting room" is the heart of both the building and public square, and its roof form opens toward the grand lawn. Architecturally, it is characterized by warm wood and king-strut timber trusses, with a large expanse of glass and overlaid with technology to emphasis the neighborhood's claim as the area’s “first gigabit community.” The open greeting room and its connection to the outdoors reinforces the neighborhood’s commitment to wellness and community interaction.

Nexton Summerville, SC
Nexton Greeting Room
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