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Summerville, SC

St. John the Beloved Catholic Church was quickly outgrowing their existing facilities when they asked SMHa to produce a master plan that would accommodate their growth on a restricted site.

The existing facilities were designed in the 1960s in a modern vernacular, with very clean, sophisticated details. SMHa’s approach was to design additional spaces which would not detract from the beauty of the existing buildings, rather they would complement and reinforce the existing. This was accomplished by the use of similar and complementing materials and forms, such as the curve which recollects a form found in the sanctuary, and the design of landscaping and hardscaping in the entry courtyard area.

The most immediate need centered around the sanctuary: The need for more seating in the Nave, a Narthex, and additional support facilities. The plan for the addition centered around a new baptismal hall, which is located at the entry into the Nave. A new seating area, holding approximately 120 seats, extends the Nave to one direction. A large Commons/Narthex provides space for fellowship both before and after Mass and offers flexibility so as to be used for other church functions during the week.

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