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The Hub at Point Hope


Charleston, SC

Completed in 2020, this 6,013-square-foot community marketing and residential sales center for the new neighborhood Point Hope centers around a gable-formed community room that connects to the outdoors with expansive glass bookends and vaulted interior. This room’s transparency communicates the community’s effort of inclusivity, welcoming the public.

The client’s relationship to Harry Frank Guggenheim and his contribution to trans-Atlantic flight instrumentation landing systems inspired the building form resembling an early airplane hangar. In respect and recognition of the finiteness of natural resources, the interior wood paneling is reclaimed palette wood originating from Polynesia, wood that was saved from being discarded following import through the Charleston harbor. The space features a 500-year-old cypress wood live-edge counter, harvested from the nearby Savannah River. Around 1920, this wood was floated to Argent’s lumber mill and sunk in transit. The two slabs have remnants of both springboards used to cut the tree as well as holes to float the wood downriver. 

This building adjoins a 5-mile-long network of biking and walking trails and stands as one of the first community destinations. After hours, the space is designed to accommodate community events, such as hosting speakers, neighborhood meetings, and community gatherings. The village green is designed to host outdoor community events, like movies and college football viewing. 

The interior architecture and design was also completed by SMHa.

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