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Anderson School District One

Piedmont, SC

Wren Middle School

In collaboration with Craig Gaulden Davis Architects, Wren Middle School was completed in 2021. The 155,622-square-foot replacement facility is designed to better accommodate present-day pedagogy and growing student enrollment. Built on an existing site, the plan entailed complex phased construction starting in the summer of 2019 with the final phase completed in 2021. The design included relocating the front door of the school and creating improved parking for visitors and faculty and a new identity for the school.

Phase One: New construction of 6th and 7th grade learning communities, learning stair and media center, front entrance, and administrative offices. Renovation of existing 8th grade wing with an addition of science labs, classrooms, collaboration space, guidance offices, and an administrative suite.

Phase Two: New construction of cafeteria/kitchen, gymnasium with theatrical performance stage, GTT classroom.

Phase Three: New construction of music, art, and elective classrooms.

The design features blue accents in Wren’s school color, warm brick veneer, metal panel accents, and outdoor learning spaces. Mobile furniture, tiered seating, and many common areas offer the flexibility needed for 21st Century curriculums; these features support success through collaboration, individual study, or social space.

With layered systems of security and video surveillance, today’s K-12 learning environments place the highest priority on both student success and safety.

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