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Charleston Gastrointestinal


Windmill Station | Carnes Crossroads
Goose Creek, SC

Completed in 2018, this 15,000-square-foot medical office upfit was designed to reflect the Lowcountry and the agrarian culture of the immediate surrounding area. The medical practice is in the business of patient care, but one of their primary business practices is a focus on employee care. A close link to the outdoor environment, through the use of colors and materials, and access to daylight and outdoor views was seen as a healing benefit to patients and a nurturing benefit to employees.

Colors and finish materials were drawn from the local environment, which includes marsh and farmland. The shell building that houses the upfit (also designed by SMHa) was designed with similar considerations, with local buildings and materials guiding the architectural design. This medical upfit sought to be a continuation of those decisions.

Finishes were selected from local suppliers as much as possible. Reclaimed wood wall and ceiling cladding, countertops with oyster shells as aggregate, and a calming neutral color palette provide a durable backdrop for the medical practice’s work. The design team worked with local artists to outfit the space. Select pieces of furniture were custom-designed and built by local craftsmen, including executive office desks.  

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