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Lowcountry Endoscopy Center Entrance


Carnes Crossroads
Goose Creek, SC

"We continue to hire SMHa for three main reasons: 1) They strive to get the Owner the best product available; they are aggressive on the Owner’s behalf and the good work shows; 2) We are always able to reach someone on the team to discuss matters at hand; and 3) They listen to the Owner’s needs and are able to articulate the Owner’s vision into a finished product.”

- Thomas Punteney, COO, Charleston GI Specialists-

Completed in 2020, the 15,810-square-foot Lowcountry Endoscopy Center is the latest of Charleston GI Specialists three ambulatory surgery centers and the second completed by SMHa. To serve growing communities in Berkeley County, Charleston GI chose this location at Carnes Crossroads, where SMHa has designed numerous other projects, including an upfit for Charleston GI at one of the two Medical Office Buildings.

The structure’s exterior and interior were inspired by the CEO’s childhood connection to farming and the simple agricultural buildings that once occupied this area. The design centered around creating an environment for excellent patient care. For Charleston GI, this meant being considerate of staff expectations, prioritizing patient flow and efficiency, cleanability and sterilization, integration of complex building systems, and incorporation of the latest gastroenterological practices.

Interior Architecture and Design also completed by SMHa.

Endoscopy in Charleston, SC.png
Lowcountry Endoscopy Center Patient Care

Patient flow areas are served with clear and intuitive circulation paths, and staff work areas are open and highly visible. This simple planning strategy allows for efficient patient care and visibility.

At the building’s core are four procedure rooms, sixteen recovery bays, and utility support systems for those primary functions (oxygen, carbon dioxide, vacuum, emergency power via uninterrupted power supply, specialty medical equipment, etc). Equipment is efficiently sterilized in Soil Rooms adjacent to each procedure room. Equipment is then transferred to a Clean Room and then to a Sterile Supply Room for reuse. 

This facility is a SCDHEC licensed facility, subject to the multi-stepped design review and construction inspections required of SCDHEC’s Health and Facilities Construction division.

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