Charleston, SC

Completion: 2005

Size: 3,400 sf

The new Nursery II is located on the fifth floor between the Labor and Delivery suite and the existing Level II Nursery. The challenge of the design, aside from working in an occupied hospital, was space. The goal of the hospital was to create space for 12 patients, and the appropriate support staff. The existing space was divided into halves, one side for support, and the other for the Nursery bays. Both sides receive natural light via aluminum windows.

Suggested space requirements for each patient indicated that we needed approximately 100 SF per patient. However, the space would only accommodate approximately 90 SF per patient. With space constraints, we realized the need for ceiling mounted booms to support all pumps, IV’s, computer monitoring equipment, glove and needle boxes, medical gases and electrical outlets. Utilizing booms created additional floor space for visitor chairs and some bedside storage.

The nurseries are divided into four, three bay spaces, with the two adjoining nurseries connected with a dictation station for staff. It contains file storage and patient monitoring equipment. The bays are open so that one nurse, if needed, can see all 6 patient bays.